In my experience the majority of people are within six months of achieving their goal with a large percentage of these being less than 12 weeks away. Alongside this, almost everyone can transform how they are acting around health & fitness within just a few weeks. Despite this, most people spend years struggling to make progress even though they are so close to their goals or making a massive change. It could be you are still a dress size over where you were before children, or have been trying to lose 5-10 Kg (10-20 lbs) for years now. In fitness, this may mean you have been running the same time for many months or perhaps have shown the same inconsistent pattern with your exercise year after year.

There is no shame in being stuck in this situation, you are close to your goal in real terms yet due to never making much progress it probably feels like you are miles away. This is in part due to our limited beliefs around how much or how easy it is to make real world changes.

Getting past this stuck feeling and plateau is what the Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss (G.U.T) was designed for, it is an answer to a question I have been asking myself since 2005, “What does it take for this person (you?) to achieve their goals?”. The answer may encompass many areas because your health & fitness is integrated into every part of your life.  The fitness industry has answered this question by telling you what to eat or how to exercise, albeit they did such an awful job that they have probably confused or put off more people than they have actually helped. However, a lack of knowledge around food or exercise is too simplistic an approach.

The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss can help you by using elements you have never considered or prioritised previously, you may only need one or two of the possible strategies within it to break your ongoing struggle to finally get and sustain long term results, this may include –

-A habit forming hack & cheat sheet to create new behaviour patterns

-Stress management & stress reduction techniques so you reduce emotional eating.

-Addressing neural connections and brain wiring so you naturally behave differently.

-Applying individuality within your food / exercise to get the right plan for you.

-Adjusting the change process to make it enjoyable and achievable for you.

-Shaping your environment to make it inevitable you will break your previous patterns.

-Harness the power of identity influence upon change.

-Tailoring advice to your values and current ability levels.

-Using social connections to your advantage.

-Having the freedom to use any food / exercise strategy for short periods of time yet not being attached to it for life, e.g. intermittent fasting, 5 & 2, vegan, Keto, fasted cardio etc

The numerous ways to approach the problem means that the element that is stopping you going forwards or putting you off can frequently be by passed by addressing things in another way.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you have struggled for a long time to get to the next level and feel stuck then contact me to discuss your goals. I think you underestimate what you can achieve in the right coaching environment, even if you have failed terribly on previous attempts or seem to hate everything involved with changing your health & fitness.  There is no one out there using this approach in the way that I do, I literally wrote the book on it 🙂 .

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Need Support Getting In Shape?

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