Ben Wilson – A Bit About Me

I have been a personal trainer since 2002. After doing a degree in Chemistry (Cardiff) I did a few jobs that I hated in an office setting and a very dangerous chemical plant (see here>>). After this, I trained to become a personal trainer and never looked back.

My Sports Background

I spent most of my life competingin in Athletics (400m – 53.4 Pb) and playing Rugby (various clubs including Esher and London Welsh). For the last few years I focused mainly on Fitness Model and Bodybuilding Physique shows. The photos below are from shows in 2014, 2019 and 2021.

Studying & Experience 

After studying a personal training and sports massage diploma to enter the industry I have continued to increase my knowledge across exercise, nutrition and behaviour change techniques. I was the first trainer in the UK to combine exercise and nutrition to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I have worked with stroke rehabilitaion and I was the fitness coach of the Swedish Rugby team for a year.

I am always learning in some avenue and then look to solidify this knowledge by working with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and specific challenges / issues. A sum up of this can be found below.

My TV Appearances

I have been on various TV shows over the years, including the BBC Breakfast show, Channel 5 News and CNN. Some highlights of these can be seen below.


I have travelled to over 50 countries and lived in both Australia and Brazil. (Make your own map here>>)


After I came back from living in Brazil I got a dog and started to perform in samba shows to keep that Brazilian connection. I was a member of London School of Samba and we did gigs at weddings, parades, parties and for TV.


My dog Ajax was a chunky 50kg of Rottweiller. Sadly he died a few years ago, until I get a new one I am always trying to borrow other people’s dogs when I get the chance. If you have a dog then bring it down the park 🙂

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