Injury Rehabilitation 

I have a long history of addressing injuries and a great success rate. Many to most of my clients when starting out have a few joint or muscular problems that need to be resolved. The vast majority of injuries can be usually be resolved.

The key is in identifying weak/sleeping muscles vs tight areas and understanding this in relation to joint angles. It is also important to identify environmental influences to the injury such as sitting position etc. Some injuries I have worked with include –

I have worked with people after ACL rehab, hip replacements, knee replacements and spinal surgery recovery. I regularly deal with knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder impingement, neck issues and ankle pains, Other issues include shin splints, post natal stomach rehab, pre operation plans and more.

My experience includes the following issues – 

ACL Knee Rehab – I have worked with a few people alongside their physio and subsequent release from those sessions to get the knee back to full fitness and conditioned for sport.

Hip Replacement Rehab – It is important to continue with your fitness after your physio finishes. I have worked with numerous clients following a hip replacement. I have also trained people in preparation for the hip operation.

Post Accident Injuries Rehab – Over the years I have worked with a few people who have suffered unfortunate accidents. This includes a shattered hip, broken spine, dislocated shoulders, broken legs and more.

Lower Back Pain – I have worked with so many back pains of varying severity during my career. This includes both chronic long term pains and also acute, short term injuries. Lower back pain is also one of the most common symptoms from excessive sitting.

Post Natal Injuries / Pains – Child birth (natural & C-section) can leave various pains, scar tissues and problems. There are various techniques that can be used to help your body’s recovery.

Sports Participation Pains – It is common to experience different sorts of pains during sport range from shin splints to tennis elbow. I have helped to address these injuries so sport can be played pain free. This also include pre-habitlation plans to prevent these injuries in the first place.

Nerve Damage Rehab – I used to work with stroke rehabilitation patients and have also worked with clients who had injured nerves during the rehab process.


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