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Age is no barrier to exercise!  A well structured exercise programme can transform your quality of life. While you may not win the Olympics if you are over 50, the right application of exercise can resolve injuries and manage pains. This will allow you to be mobile in life, enjoy travel, play with the grand kids, participate in sports and much more.

A programme for being active is a combination of injury pre/rehabilitation and functional training to prepare the body to do the tasks you need to do in life, e.g. e.g. picking up boxes, playing with kids, gardening, walking up hills, balancing on slippery surfaces, playing sports/games and more.

The training plan is about starting off at your current ability then building it from there. Most of my Active+ clients are surprised how it doesn’t feel like the exercise they used to do back in school etc and how much they enjoy it.

I have a great track record with Active+ clients, my oldest client was 88 years old who doubled his walking speed. I am also accustomed to low levels of fitness after having worked in a stroke rehabilitation programme previously and working with various people with disabilities.

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My personal training service combines nutrition, exercise, postural correction and behaviour change techniques to ensure you get fantastic results. Download my Body Transformation Guide to understand how these techniques are all brought together to ensure results.
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