One of the major issues we now all face is developing a bad posture through excessive sitting. Most people spend the vast majority of the day sitting down. As a result the body adapts your posture to be good at sitting. This means we experience less pain sitting than we should for the time spent doing it. However, the result is we are not ideally aligned for movement when we eventually do get up. It is not that difficult to undo the effects of sitting, you just need to put in place a regular stretch routine.

A month or two back I gave you an office chair stretching plan to follow. Find below a link to a quick 10 minute routine to follow along to improve your posture. It is really important you have some sort of process in place to undo the effects of working at a desk, driving your car or any other cause of prolonged sitting. The video comes from my member’s are where there are 40+ follow along workout and fitness routines.  


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