There are various themes and conversations I look to discuss with all of my clients. One of them is about how to understand your metabolism during the process of changing your body. 

The vast majority of people use the wrong concept for this area. All too often it is viewed like driving a car, you decide on your destination (choose to change your body), you get in the car and start driving it (cut down on food etc) and carry on until you get to your goal (an easy ride with no obstacles)…. If Only!!

You should view fat loss like surfing a wave. This is a far more helpful analogy than our typical approach of thinking we are in complete control like taking a train or driving a car.There are some profound differences when you use this approach. For starters, you instantly know that it is more complicated, more unpredictable and a bigger challenge then driving the car up the road. It also has two factors, how good are you at surfing and how big are the waves you are trying to ride. This view also changes the way you should view handling ‘failure’. Every surfer will fall off at some point if the wave gets too big, however good they are at the sport.

What Does This Mean For You?

Most people will only pick an appropriately hard enough wave for their skill set. You would do well to never let the wave get too big (do not use a large calorie deficit) and take breaks between the waves before you get knocked off (taking fat loss breaks and being ok with not progressing for periods of time). 

I love this topic as one, it so fundamental and important for results, but also as it allows me to talk about when I went to Nazare in Portugal to see the world record surfing attempts. I include a few photos of this in the video 🙂 🙂 


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