Hyrox Fitness Training Group

Kick the weekend off in style with some Hyrox style fitness training. Hyrox is a mix of running, body weight exercises and strength training. All levels can be catered for as you go at your own pace within a group environment. You do not need to kill yourself fitness wise, it is not the army…Just have some fun and laughs while getting fitter. There is a large variability of fitness within the group which is good. As long as you can jog 1km however slow that may be then you will be fine. Bring your friends, partners and so forth.

When? – 6pm Fridays until December 2024  (Confirm it is on before coming down)
Cost? –    Free (But Track admission is £5.70)

Where? – The Battersea Park Milennium Arena – Google Maps>>>>  What3Words>>> 

Start time – 6pm  (First rep is exactly  6.13pm, warm up starts 6.02pm)
Finish – 7pm – 7.15ish (Note – You can leave whenever you want).

Clothes? – Trainers & Layers as the UK weather is rubbish (hats/gloves etc)

Whatsapp Group – Join here>> for details and changes if I am away etc. There are lockers, showers, and changing rooms if needed. I leave my bags in the stand by the finish line of the 100m straight.

Group Guidelines

Due to me exercising in the session, there has been plenty of comical confusion each week so far… these guidelines should help –

Running Component – During the running intervals, just do an appropriate amount for you as needed, you do not need to do the full programme set out that I am doing unless fit enough.

Exercise Component – In this part, we will do an exercise followed by a run, then another exercise and a run again, etc.

-Each exercise has an easier or harder version, choose appropriately. Ensure you manage any injuries and you should not feel it in your joints. You do not need to do the whole exercise, you can walk between reps or take rests during it. If you are faster than me then do more than the set distance/ reps etc.

-I am the pace marker, so when i finish the exercise, that exercise is over and we will then run to the next point. When I get to that point, the next exercise starts.

-You need to work out how far to run to be at the start line for the next exercise, e.g. if i am running 400m (1 lap) and you will run 200m in that same time, you will need to run 100m then turn around to be back at the start ready for the next exercise…Use lane 8 if running counter the usual track direction (clockwise around track). If faster than me then run further than the distance set out.

Most of the runs will be one lap, but it may range from 300m to 800m in-between the stations. If you are tired you do not have to run.

‘Gift’ Staggered Runs – If we are doing a staggered run, the idea is that we should all cross the finish line at the same time… so if I’m twice as fast as you, then you will run half the distance, if you are faster than me, then you will run further than me. We all start at the same time and run to the same finishing point.

Track Etiquette

-Lane 1&2 is for running, do not walk or do any exercises in them.

-Do not suddenly veer off to the side if hear someone coming, especially when crossing the finish line… just keep on going or stop on the spot until all have passed.

-Overtake on the outside of someone, do not undercut if you are both running in the same lane.

-Always look before going on to the track or you may get smashed by someone (like happened here>> 🙈.. *the kid was fine).

-Try not to block the lane while standing around, there may be a runner 100 or 200m away wanting to run in your lane.

-Do all exercises (lunges etc) in lanes 6-8.

– Tracks all run anti-clockwise, If running the opposite direction (clockwise) during the exercise component then try to use lane 8 so don’t meet anyone head on.

– These guidelines are helpful if the track is busy like it is in January but not so important if just us on the track like in December.

Q & A

What is Hyrox? – A fitness event where you run 8 x 1km, then in between each 1km there is an exercise, e.g. lunge. This video shows it all in 30 seconds –

What if I am not very fit? – It doesn’t matter, if we are doing say 50 metres of lunges, you could do a lunge then walk 5 metres and repeat, while others lunges all the way. For running you can do half the distances of a fitter person so we all finish at the same time ish.

Should I get fitter before I come down? – No, this is not a competition, no one cares how fit you are/are not today. It is every person just building their own fitness.

Im worried i will be last or the unfittest…how ‘all levels’ is it really?

I don’t think anyone will know if you are last as everyone is too busy doing their own stuff and every exercise can be modified to your appropriate level…there is a big range in fitness with people running for the first and those who have barely done fitness work before.

Exercise isn’t about best or worst, it is about personally getting better, I can barely remember anyone in 25 years of fitness and sports competition ever commenting on someone being slow, overweight or unfit at any exercise group i have been part of… the truth is if you keep coming for a few months you will dramatically improve your fitness.

Can we do it at a better time, Friday is a bit difficult? – No, grow UP! 😆

How Do I enter a actual Hyrox event? – They all sell out really quickly but check out the website here>>>.  Non London events are slower to sell out, especially ones abroad. You can do it on your own, in pairs or as a relay.


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