We know that if you want to be fit then you must give your body enough stimulus to generate fitness. This includes doing something that increases breathing / heart rate (aerobic exercise) and something that makes the muscles move in a way it feels a bit heavier than normal (resistance training / ‘weights’). Finally, you should move your muscles to reach a position that keeps them long enough to do what is needed of life (flexibility). 
One of the area’s most people struggle with is resistance training (RT). Aerobic exercise is easy to do as even walking covers the lower level fitness requirements. RT is harder to achieve as most people do not move heavier things in daily life. Perhaps you have a manual job or do heavy work in the garden but for most people they get nowhere near the needed requirements. Flexibility can go either way, Yoga and Pilates are very popular which covers some of this, but we have an on-going battle to counter the effects of sitting down all day so the more the better.
If so many people struggle to get these weaker areas done, what is the solution? For me, a daily routine may be the most effective way to make it happen.
Long term readers of this newsletter may remember I posted a video a few years ago of Big Joe working out in Battersea park. He was roaring along at 90 years of age, every day he would jog to the outdoor gym, do some pulls up and dips and then head off home. It was his daily routine which kept him in amazing shape and he had been doing it for years. 
While I was travelling China I was also impressed with so many older people in good shape who practised Tai Chi every day. The secret to both of these examples is doing a short routine every day so that you build up your strength while younger and then maintain into your latter years.  
To this point I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what exercises would be in a simple daily routine that takes just 5 or 10 minutes. This couldo ensure optimal physical function from now until a 100 years of age plus. I worked out there is no one set routine that is perfect for every one as it in part relates to where you are starting out from. 
In the end, I created 4 different routines that I am filming which will be added to my member’s area. The link below takes you to the most general routine that should be good for most people. In future emails, I will show you a simpler version for people who are injured, older or have very low fitness levels. I also have an advanced one I will share in due course. 


What Does This Mean For You?


Everyone wants the short cut to success and results, yet when given to them on a plate, most won’t use it. Here is a very simple method to use, it takes 8 minutes a day and will change your life. The good thing about a daily routine is that you are going to do it 365 times over the next year and 3000+ times in the next decade. This means you do not need to push yourself hard nor make a big deal about it nor be in a rush to remember how to do it. Just get going and keep going. Over time you may want to change to one of my other daily routines but that is a slight adjustment to a fundamentally great habit. 



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