In the article on the best and worst chocolate bars it discussed how to minimise the damage with chocolate when straying from your diet. For many though they simply do not have the ability to control themselves around chocolate. That one bar becomes five and leaves you with more cravings the next day. In such cases it is better to just drop the chocolate all together and use other alternatives when craving some junk food or caught out. One such example are crisps.

Find below a video or article on the best to worst crisps to eat –

There can be a large difference in the calorie content of “1 bag of crisps”. This is due to some crisps having a higher calorie density per 100 grams than others and because a packet of crisps varies greatly in weight depending on the brand.


The lightest crisps in the ones I surveyed was just 20 grams (Quavers) while the heaviest was two and half times that at 50 grams (Mc Coy’s, Mini Cheddars). Calories wise the lowest packet of crisps had just 106 cals per packet while the most had 267 calories (see table below).

Pringles appear just like a crisps texture wise but the container they come in is almost 200g and thus gives just under a 1000 calories. So if you “cannot stop once you pop” as the advert says then look to pick another option.


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