Some days you just feel like a chocolate bar, assuming you are going to have one then which is the best to worst?

For me any successful body transformation and plan of action has both the ability to get you the results you want and the freedom and taste to be able to stick to it. I am not a huge fan of banning food groups or vilifying foods too much. In my experience you can eat any foods and still get results, it is simply about the threshold of your consumption and how you adjust the fat loss formula to ensure results. I got myself down to 4% fat without ever needing to stop eating chocolate or any particular food group. I of course got my thresholds spot on.

To that point I am not a huge fan of when people eat dark chocolate then try to justify it as healthy with this theory or that. I feel it is better to just call it as it is. Instead acknowledge that chocolate isn’t overly good for you. Therefore keep it out of the main diet and then when you have it from time to time have the one you like. I have seen people get great results from a small square or two of chocolate a day, others just keep it out of the main diet then have it occasionally. The key for this working is to ensure you have a nutrition plan that doesn’t produce cravings and work on breaking the connections and emotional reliance on chocolate. When you have done this you will be able to easily have chocolate in moderation.

Ok, so  if you are going to have a chocolate bar then which is best? For the sake of this argument we can simply assume the chocolate with highest taste vs the lowest calories is the best choice. Below you will see the calories within chocolate in order, you can then simply select the one which has the lowest calories which you like the most. Scroll below the video to see photos and article.

It is important to remember though that just because one chocolate bar may have twice the calorie content of another, if you eat two of them you would have eaten the same amount. This list is from going into the local supermarket and getting a selection of chocolate there. If I have missed some then comment below, they didn’t have every chocolate bar there.


Less Than 150 Calories – These bars are mostly aimed at children, hence the lower calories per bar. These include Dairy Milk Freddo, Dairy Milk Children’s bar and Milky Bar

150 – 200 calories – The bars are not aimed at children per se but are not solid chocolate neither so this brings down the calorie content. These include Crunchie and Malteaser Teaser bar

200 – 250 calories- This bracket contains the majority of chocolate bars as most are designed to fall within this range, these include Milk Buttons, Twirl, Mars Bar, Dairy Milk, Kit Kat Crunchy, Twix.

250 – 300 calories – These higher end calorie bars include bounty and Yorkie which tops the list!

300 + calories – Most ‘normal’ sized bars are below 300 calories but when you start getting king size products or extra sized you fall into this range.


How to Use This Information – 

I am against trying to trick yourself into thinking dark chocolate is good for you. To me it is better to accept that chocolate is not good for you. Then understand that you can eat any food and still get the body you want. It is simply about thresholds. When you want to have a chocolate bar then you can play off the taste you like the most vs the calorie content in the chart above to make wiser choices.

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