One of my favourite fitness tools is a wrist pedometer. It gives you vital data on how much movement you are doing in general life.

If you know how much you eat,  how much you move and how many fitness sessions you do. You will easily be able to see the reasons you are or are not getting results.

Wrist pedometers give you a simple way to gauge how much you move around in daily life. This is important because we all have stressful lives now yet stress, being busy and moving and three different things. You can easily be busy and stressed yet not actually move your body much at all. A wrist pedometer will show you the truth.

The video below is about me discussing the fit bit. Continue reading below for photos of what the wrist pedometer tells you.

There are various brands out there for monitoring, I use Fit Bit, as it was one of the cheapest yet has a very good website where I can see my stats but also see that of my clients. This allows me to check out what they are or are not doing between sessions. It also has many groups you can join so you can compare yourself to others,interact with them and this drives you on to a new level.

Some screen shots of what the fit Bit has to offer include –




You can buy a fit bit or similar device on Amazon or other on line retailers –

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July 16- July 23 (3/7 days measured)

I was away for the weekend so unable to measure my food. My goal was to break even body fat wise which I did nicely. Since then I started another fat loss week as I am just a month away from competition. So need to take the fat under 5% and into condition for competing. I have returned to the same formula that I have used previously of 2000 calories and 20km+ movement.

Diet – Protein – 193g, Carbs – 221g, fat – 43g, calories – 2047, P:38  % C :43%  F: 19%

Exercise – 7 Weights sessions, 3 fitness sessions 2 off days

Weight – 71.2Kg                       Body fat – 30mm*      Activity Measure – 18 km / Day**

Supplements – Vitamin D , Multivitamin, ***


*This is my own 10 point self measurement system, it does not correlate to body fat scores. At a guess 40mm – 8%, 50mm – 9.5%, 60mm – 11%, 70mm – 12.5%. I do not take it everyday if looking to gain muscle or maintain as it puts me off wanting to eat more. If on fat loss phase I take it daily. Like any body fat measurement system, as you get to low body fat levels the number become less accurate or reliable.

**Measured using Fit Bit Flex wrist band. Add me as a friend – Ben on

*** Supplement not taken consistently


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